How to Download WhatsApp Profile Picture on Android

Do you using WhatsApp for connecting with friends in Facebook? Then, you should know all the features of it before using it. While using Facebook in any PC or Laptop, this is easy to download a picture in the device. But, the process will totally be different when you are using WhatsApp on android Smartphone. For that reason, you should know the way to download WhatsApp profile picture or any other picture to save on android phone.

WhatsApp Profile Picture Download Process


You should know there is no specific way to download or save WhatsApp profile picture on device. But, there is a great option to save the images as contact number image without any trouble. Of course, you have to open WhatsApp on your android phone in order to set images as contact number image.

Download Whats App for Windows 7

Open WhatsApp and be Sure of Contact List Existence

For downloading a person’s profile picture using this app(Whatsapp BlackBerry), you have to be sure of having contact number of the person on android. Otherwise, you may not able to download the profile picture by using this app. Read: Viber for PC

Click on Image and Close WhatsApp

You have to open the Contact Info page of the person whom profile picture you want to download. Then, click on the profile picture and it will appear in full screen on your android device. Do you complete the task simply? Then, close the WhatsApp without doing anything because the task is completed.Also Read: How to Download WhatsApp for PC

BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger

Open WhatsApp Directory and Get Profile Picture

After doing the steps, you have to open the directory of WhatsApp on android device. A folder that named as “Profile Picture” is available in the directory.  You are required to enter into the folder and you will have every profile picture in full screen mode. The contact number of a person will be name of the picture. Therefore, open the picture by using the contact number and move the profile picture to the “Image” folder.

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That’s the way to download a profile picture by using WhatsApp for PC on an android Smartphone. Now, you can use the picture for using as contact number image or edit it for any purpose.


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