Best Upcoming Xbox 360 Video Games 2014

A new year is the alarm of coming new and exciting video games for Xbox, Xbox 350 and PC. Most of the Xbox games knock the door of Xbox 360 game lovers with a new year. 2014 is not so much different from other new years for the Xbox video games lovers. The most exciting and probably the best upcoming Xbox 360 video games 2014 are given bellowed:

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The LEGO Movie Video Game


Xbox Video Games-Dragon Age: Inquisition

Games to Play

Dragon Age: Inquisition video game is the latest version after “Dragon Age: Origins.” BioWare Company will launch the wonderful Xbox video game within couple of months for the Xbox game lovers. RPG action with next generation quality with new challenges and difficult decisions, the game will give a high-class graphics level. Your aim of the game is to change the Dragon Age that is hampered because of nation’s war. You will lead Inquisition team against the Templars in order to change the situation of war. The game comes with complex characters and complicated story to charm. Discover How to convert Free Games Online  like Candy Crush Saga on PC

Xbox Video Games-EA Sports UFC

New Games

EA Sports UFC “is the game presented by EA SPORTS for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 users. This is not necessity to say, how much challenging and exciting game football was! Through this game, the technicians and experts have brought new players, customize the faces to be real and insert many new actions and emotions to the game. Strategic Submission Battles, Precision Movement and Special Movements of different famous players are also added in the game. MMA experts put the real expression of the players that seems so much real.  Check out:  Best Computer Games

Xbox Video Games- Tom Clancy’s The Division

Video Games for Xbox 360

Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of a Best Video Game from Ubisoft gives a realistic story to the game in New York. Because of a lethal virus on the New York City that create chaos situation, the special agents are active to solve the problem. You have to play the game when the lights turn off secretly on the street and offices in New York City to improve the situation.

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These are the top 3 leading upcoming Xbox 360 video games 2014. The Xbox game lovers will surely love these games because of high quality graphics and new challenges.   


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